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Woodland Park, NJ​

1720 US-46
Woodland Park,NJ 07424
(856) 483-9453
Open daily: 8am – 8pm

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Meet the icons

Spark Ceramic

Provides a mirror-like shine and shields against UV, bugs, tree sap, and more.

Spark Lava Bath

Thick, deep-cleaning foam that coats the entire car for complete clean.

Spark Hot Wax

Fortified with real Brazilian carnauba wax, the same used in hand waxes.

Rust Inhibitor

Applied to the underside of your car, it helps prevent rust.

Rain Repel

A paint protectant for the whole car that makes rain drops bead and fall off.

Underbody Rinse

A gentle spray to remove road grime, dirt, and salt under your car.

Tire Shine

Applied to tires to give them a lasting shine.

Basic Wash

The drive-thru express tunnel: soap down, rinse off, blow dry, drive clean.

Wheel Cleaner

A non-acid cleaner for rims and tires to add a glow to your wheels.

Our Guarantee

We’re not happy unless you’re happy. That’s why we have a no-questions asked re-wash policy. Just let us know, we’ll make it right—no ifs, ands, or buts.

Alex C.
Alex C.
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Much needed in this area. Great value. Nice and clean. It's a quick and great car wash. There are plenty of cloths to dry your car. The air hose is a plus because you'll be able to dry your car really quick. Great customer service. I highly recommend Spark Car Wash. it will be my new go to spot for a car wash.
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Spark is a new car wash in my area, so it’s clean. It’s always fast and I love the personal area where I can clean my car, there is always enough towels, enough cleaning solution. The suction on the vacuums is very good. I’m totally becoming a monthly member.♥️
Douglas T.
Douglas T.
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My first time at this facility. Won’t be my last. They did an awesome job and the place is top notch. You can vacuum and wipe down the car yourself There is even air there to blow out the crevices in the car. I came here looking for a new car wash and I believe my search is over. Not inexpensive but good ain’t cheap and cheap ain’t good! As in everything you get what you pay for. In my mind that makes this place a great value 👏👏😀

The Wash Tunnel

Custom Formulas

With no acids or fillers, our chemical formulas are custom-suited for Spark wash packages, giving your car a deeper clean.

Precision Tire Shine

Our carefully calibrated machines use premium products and targeted air pressure to deliver a full-coverage, lasting shine.

Soft Washers

Our Neoglide washers are made of an advanced closed-cell foam, for a brush-free wash that never holds dirt or grime.

Double the Foam

We put our suds to work on every surface. Extra soak time (with twice the foam) ensures dirt, debris and salt don’t stand a chance.

High-Intensity Dryers

Our state of the art, high-intensity dryers measure the unique contours of your car to adjust blower angles and dry accordingly.


Our signature minty scent greets you as you enter the wash tunnel, for a one-of-a-kind, full-sensory wash experience.

The Spark Park

A woman in a red shirt grabbing blue rags at a car wash

Anti-Scratch Towels

Use our multi-use microfiber cloths wet or dry to pick up dust, remove streaks and dry up quickly. Free to all Spark customers.

Double-Hosed Vacuums

Free vacuums on both sides of your vehicle for high-powered suction. With your choice of nozzles, there are no hard-to-reach places.

Glass Cleaner

Complimentary for your convenience. Use with our towels to put the finishing touches on your shine.

Automatic Mat Cleaner

Our totally free, automated full-service cleaners tackle dirty mats with your choice of wet or dry wash in under two minutes.

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Members get more. Way more.

Pay once. Wash as much as you want. Choose one of our Monthly Unlimited Plans to get exclusive Spark perks plus savings.
As clean freaks ourselves, we know that the cleaner your car is, the better you feel. Proven fact! Regular washing also helps prevent rust, protect your car’s paint, improve fuel-efficiency, and bring some respite to seasonal allergy sufferers. If you wash off the pollen and vacuum the inside, your spring is going to be a lot less sneezy.

Some people love to wash at home, and we get that. But if you’re washing your car yourself, make sure to use the right products and techniques. Certain soaps and sponges can do more harm than good to your paint. And keep an eye on water usage – at-home washes typically use 75% more water than a car wash like Spark Woodland.

Thanks to the hard-working team at Mythbusters, we know that’s not true. Cleaning your car regularly can save you gas money too.
New cars come with something called a “clearcoat” that covers and protects your car’s paint. When elements in the environment interact with the clearcoat, they can oxidize it and damage it. Sun can damage a clearcoat, and so can bird poop, pollen, and parts of trees that fall on your car. If those things fall on your car and stay there for a while, they eat through the clearcoat and then start damaging your actual paint underneath. Once that happens, the only way to fix it is by going to a body shop and getting professional paint repair.

First and foremost, if you can see anything on your car, wash it off. This is why we love unlimited memberships – first sign of anything that may oxidize and three minutes later we’re through the Spark tunnel in Woodland and our car is safe. Second, protect the clearcoat that protects your paint with carnauba wax and ceramic coating, both of which are in a Signature Wash at Spark.

Surprisingly, no. Rain brings contaminants in the air down onto your car, leaving a grimy layer of pollutants when it evaporates. If you wash with Spark Rain Repel before it rains, those contaminants won’t stay on your car and you’ll be way ahead of the game. And if you absolutely can’t make it in time, the second best option is right after a rainstorm … or even during! Spark Woodland is always open, even when it’s raining.

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