Not the member type? Save time and money with our Spark Signature Wash bundles. Not the member type? Save time and money with our Spark Signature Wash bundles.
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Hi, we’re Spark

We’re not another car wash. We’re a different car wash. You love your car looking perfect? We’ve got the perfect tools to do it. Try us out, we think you’ll notice the difference.

Our Story

We’re a team of highly experienced car wash experts, neat freaks and car lovers.

We set ourselves a challenge – to build a car wash experience that was both effective and efficient. Because people don’t want a clean car occasionally, they want one all the time.

Our high-performance express tunnel is such a precise, fast and cost-effective solution, that having a clean car can be a weekly routine.

Our technology-first solution is matched by our people-first service. As we grow our network of express tunnel car washes, this will never change.

Spark Car Wash is for cars with a neat human habit.

Our Manifesto

We are precision fanatics with a flair for order and a knack for neat. Archenemy of birds, antidote to salt, pollen avenger, dirt adversary, we deliver triumphant tidiness. We bring an energy, a zing, a pep, a spark. We go the extra mile so that you can. Think of it as more oomph. We aim for greatness because we know you do. Washed, waxed, buffed and spotless, you are bound for glory. The envy of the office parking lot, the chief of an ordered mind, date night champion, road-tripping boss, driveway icon and captain of serenity.


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1. Great achievement. Champions of order and neatness.
2. A flash of great ideas and innovation.
Similar: Perfectionism, Precision, Pep

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