Not the member type? Save time and money with our Spark Signature Wash bundles. Not the member type? Save time and money with our Spark Signature Wash bundles.
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Why Car Wash Memberships Are Worth It

When you drive away from a Spark Car Wash with a newly washed, waxed, and spotless vehicle, you can’t help but feel like a million bucks. Pristine exteriors and interiors cleaned just the way you like it make every minute in your car delightful. 

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With Spark Unlimited, you can have that good clean feeling all the time. Members wash whenever they want, as much as they want. (And even if you feel like a million bucks, we don’t actually charge that much, promise.)

Read on to learn more about car wash memberships, or head on over to Spark Car Wash and ask one of our Cleanologists to help you get started.

Benefits of a Car Wash Membership

The benefits of having a car wash membership are compelling. You’ll have peace of mind that your car is clean and well-protected at an affordable price. And with monthly billing, you can drive confidently knowing that your future washes are already taken care of.

Unlimited Washes

With an unlimited membership plan, you can wash your car as often as you would like for one low monthly price. For instance, if you purchase our Signature Plan for $37 per month, you get unlimited washes plus other services, such as tire shine and underbody rinse. 

Spark Unlimited allows you to maintain a squeaky-clean car all year round. Whether your car is dirty from muddy winter snow or the dust of a summer trip, your wash experience will always be covered.


A car wash membership makes your car care routine more efficient and streamlined. You will have exclusive access to express lanes, sparing you the hassle of waiting in long lines or prepaying each time. Such conveniences yield enormous time savings, especially for New Jersey residents living in the most densely populated state in the U.S.

When you have a Spark Car Wash membership, you can wash your car at any one of our New Jersey sites, including Ledgewood, Mount Holly, Woodbridge, Woodland Park, and Sicklerville. With these locations and more on the way, you don’t have to waste time searching “car washes near me.” 

Flat Monthly Fee (Cost-Effective)

As a member, you pay a flat monthly fee, and it’s typically for unlimited visits. Membership becomes cost-effective if you clean your car multiple times a month.

For example, with Spark’s $37 Signature monthly plan, you enjoy limitless washes without worrying about paying the single wash price. This membership plan pays for itself each month with just two washes. 

Types of Car Wash Memberships

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Broadly, car wash membership plans are categorized by pricing tiers and benefits offered. The higher the price, the more benefits members enjoy. 

Spark offers three membership plans as follows:

  • Signature: The top-tier plan is the most expensive but has unlimited benefits, including rust inhibitors, hot wax, and ceramic.
  • Select: The middle-tier plan has fewer benefits but includes tire shine, underbody rinse, and rain protectant. 
  • Standard: The lower-tier plan is the least expensive and includes two conventional benefits — basic wash and wheel cleaner. 


Check Out Spark Car Wash’s Membership Plans

With a Spark Car Wash membership, you’ll enjoy unlimited cleaning with our technology-first and people-first wash solutions, making your experience memorable and worth it. You’ll see the cost savings with our plans, as they pay for themselves after just two washes per month. With five N.J. locations currently open and more coming soon, there’s bound to be one conveniently near you. 

Become a member by creating your Spark Car Wash account today and enjoy our world-class membership perks.

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Want to know more? Come see us at one of our Spark locations today! We’re bound to have a car wash location near you and would love to have you!

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